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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Turning on CAKE Online Ordering

Learn how to turn on CAKE Online Ordering for your restaurant.


 Log into CAKE Connect

Click on Settings

Select Online Ordering. Then, go the Availability Tab.


Toggle the slider to the On position to enable Online Ordering.

Select your desired Online Ordering availability. 



Delivery lets you reach even more customers. 

To enable Delivery, toggle the switch to the On position. 

Select Add Delivery Zone.



Enter your information about each Delivery Zone

Set the Delivery Minimum and add any Fees you'd like. 

Select your Zone on the map and Save your changes.

Note: You can enter more than one zone. 



Impress your guests by letting them place orders in advance. If you turn on our Order for Later feature, you can help customers plan ahead.

Set Minimum and Maximum Times for this feature, so you know what to expect from hungry guests.


As always, remember to Save your work before you go on to the next page.





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