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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Claiming Your Restaurant

Learn how to claim your restaurant on CAKE Connect.


Once you have a CAKE account, it's time to sign up for and claim your restaurant.

Make sure you are logged into your CAKE account. 




Navigate to the CAKE Connect website and click on Find Your Restaurant to search for your business.




Let's start by finding your restaurant profile and menu on CAKE.

Enter your restaurant's name and location to search.



Select your business from the results.




Click on the link to claim your restaurant. Once you claim a business, you can make changes to your profile and start interacting with guests.


Enter your information in the pop-up menu. Make sure you enter a cell phone number so you'll receive the text verification code. 

Click Send, and wait for the text.

Enter the code you receive, and hit Claim.




You're all set! Now your restaurant is associated with your account.






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