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Managing Your Menu

Learn how to manage your CAKE Connect menu.

Managing Menu Items


Log in to your profile and Click on My Restaurants to navigate to the Menu Items page.


Click Add Item to get started, or select an item from the list to make changes.




Type in your description here.

You'll want to include as much information as you can.




Select CAKE OLO (online ordering) if you would like this dish to be made available for Online Ordering.




Managing Menu Categories 

Categories are a great way to keep your menu organized and your guests informed.


After you log in to CAKE Connect, Click on My Restaurants to go to the Menu Items page.

Select the Categories tab.


Here you can add new categories or make changes to ones you've already created.

You can build Menu Categories around different times of day, or different Menu Courses.

Add items directly by using the drop-down menu.

Save your work when finished, and you'll see a list of your categories here.



Managing Menu Modifiers

Great service requires flexibility. After you build your CAKE Menu, be sure to set up modifiers, so every guest can order what they want, how they want it.


Once you log in to CAKE, navigate to the Menu page and choose the Modifiers tab.

Click Add Modifier Group, or choose an existing modifier to edit.






Name the group here, and click Save.

Here you can add individual modifiers.

These options will appear as part of a list on your menu. Make sure you give your guests a few choices.

Now that you have a few choices, this group is ready to be assigned to an item.



Select the item you want to add the modifier group to.

Find the correct modifier group and add it, be sure to save your work and review your menu before you publish it.




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