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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS


Learn about the opportunities CAKE Connect provides your restaurant.

Grow Your Business

Optimize your menu, launch promotions on social media, respond to customer feedback. CAKE is always free for members - and we get everything started for you.

Menu Optimization

Know What’s Working

The CAKE Menu Engineering Tool shows you which items are profitable, and which are losing money.










Quick Updates

Manage Your Menu From Anywhere

Publish the changes everywhere.

Online Ordering

Be Where Your Customers Are

Give your customers the ability to order from your Facebook page,, or our mobile app.


Get it for free.

With CAKE’s free online ordering, customers can order their food online and then pay when they pick up.

Accept payments online.

We know how important it is to ensure a customer pays for their meal, so we now offer premium online ordering with payment processing. Our flat rate of 5% per order and no additional processing fees makes sure to keep the revenue where it belongs – with you.

Online Menu Services

Expand Your Reach
Promote Your Business Online & Offline

Put your menu on your website, Facebook page, and in our searchable mobile apps. You can even use CAKE’s menu center to design and print menus, specials, and promotional materials from anywhere.

Get Feedback

Know What Your Customers Are Saying

Receiving the customer feedback you need to engage and build lasting relationships.

Increase Engagement

Be Where Your Customers Are

CAKE Connect helps optimize your marketing efforts and grow your business. Increase engagement by publishing your menu to your Facebook pages. Manage menus and promotions online through the CAKE app, giving your best deals to your biggest fans, and even launch web-exclusive promotions across all channels (coming soon).

Let Them Meet CAKE

CAKE Connect is free. All you need to do is sign up and claim your restaurant. 

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