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Merchant Portal Menu Submission Process

Learn how to submit your menus to CAKE.

Welcome to CAKE!

We know that the menu is incredibly important to your restaurant so we want to provide you with some details on what happens next with it as you get acquainted with your new CAKE POS. 

You should have received an email from CAKE that includes your Merchant Portal login information and some additional, helpful details. You'll want to have that handy to reference. It looks like this:

First, your next steps are determined by the type of Menu Build you've purchased from CAKE or if you've decided to build your own menu. 

No Menu Build Purchased: If you decided not to purchase a menu build from CAKE, you'll want to get started building your menu through the Merchant Portal. You can access the Merchant Portal anywhere there's internet access and you don't have to wait for your POS terminal to arrive or be installed. Cool, huh? 

Just go to:

You'll want to create a CAKE Secure Login so you don't have to remember your Restaurant Pin each time you login and so you can view your reports. To learn how to set this up for the first time, click here

On your Merchant Portal Screen, you'll see a Menu Admin icon. Click on that to begin building out your menu. From here, we recommend watching our CAKE U videos and reviewing our Menu Admin Tool documentation. That can all be found here and will walk you through setting up your menu. 


Premium Menu Build Customers: Your CAKE Implementation Specialist will contact you to collect all of your menus from you. Please remember to include any and all menus you use in your restaurant and you do not have to upload anything. We'll take it from here. 

Basic/Standard Menu Build Purchased: You'll need to submit your menus via the Merchant Portal. We've got some helpful instructions below, but you'll find it pretty straightforward. Instructions below. 

Note: Please allow 48-72 hours for your menu to be completed and uploaded by CAKE to your Merchant Portal/POS after you've provided us with your menu files.


Access the Merchant Portal using your credentials supplied in the above (sample) email and with the instructions from above. 

NOTE: This is a one-time process. You should gather all menus prior to beginning and upload all of your menus at once. If you submit a menu incorrectly or submit a "wrong" menu, you can reach out to our Support team within 24 hours. 


Click on Start Menu. If you do not see this icon in the top left, reach out to our Support team. 

NOTE: If you wait more than 2 weeks to begin this process, the Start Menu icon will disappear and you will need to call our Support Team to submit your menus.


Follow the instructions for uploading your menu/s. 

Note: You can drag and drop the files. You can upload up to 20 files and the file types accepted are listed below. 

Accepted File Types: 

.jpg .jpeg .png .tiff .exif .bmp .doc .docx .pdf .xls .xlsx


You'll come to a screen that asks if you have a bar menu.

If you click Yes, our menu team will upload a standard bar menu for you that you can later edit to suit your needs.

If you click No, no standard bar menu will be uploaded. 

When finished with the upload, Click Submit


Your menu is then processed by CAKE.

While the menu is being encoded, you will see a Menu Build Status Key where the Menu Admin button normally is (where you clicked Start Menu).

If you click on the Menu Build Status icon, you will be able to see what date your menu was submitted and be informed that your menu is being reviewed and CAKE will notify you via email once your menu is ready. 

See sample screenshots at right. 


Once the menu is ready, the Menu Admin button appears on the Merchant Portal upon your next login and you are able to access your menu through the portal to make edits.

We also send you an email to let you know your menu is built and that email also includes CAKE University helpful links  and a link to schedule their Complimentary POS Training if you haven't done so already.

You can click here to take care of registering for that right now.  

Note: A sample email is at right so you know what to look for in your inbox.