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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

POS Onboarding (Activation)

Learn how to onboard (activate) your POS.


Once you’ve installed your CAKE POS system, you are ready to activate your account. We call this the onboarding process.

This takes your account information and loads it into the system as well as updates your POS to the newest software version. You should have received an email from CAKE with a unique Merchant PIN and Token.

If you did not receive this or you have misplaced the email and need your PIN and Token, please contact CAKE Support.

Enter your Merchant Pin and Token and then Click Activate Account.

Note: If you are enrolled in a CAKE POS Virtual Training, you must be onboarded prior to that training or it will be rescheduled as we remote into your POS system to conduct the training.


Your system will then show that it is connecting and then you will see an Activating screen like this one.

If your software version is out of date, you will also see a Updating screen that follows to update the system to our most current software version.


The system will initialize and you will be brought to the user login screen where you will see one user called Owner.

When you click on that user, the password will be the same Merchant PIN you just used. Enter that in the current password field and then enter your new password 2x. Click Create Password.

Once you have your new password, your system has been onboarded and you can begin customizing it based on your needs.