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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Welcome to CAKE

Learn about what to expect after your CAKE POS purchase.



Thank you for choosing to run your business with CAKE. We know this is a big decision and we couldn't be happier to have you as a partner. Your hardware should arrive within 7 business days of signing this contract (or at your requested delivery date). Here's a sense of what to expect going forward:


We will notify you by email once your hardware has shipped as well as provide a tracking link to follow your system while in transit. We suggest that you begin prepping for the setup and installation of your system right away. You will start receiving email instructions to guide you through each phase of setup while your POS makes its way to you!


Building the menu is an essential part of your initial system setup. If you choose to build the menu yourself, please visit our menu admin training here for a complete tutorial. Other options are also available to you. Please ask your Restaurant Specialist for you or visit here for more info. 


If you've chosen to process with CAKE Payments, please ensure you have onboarded (created your merchant account) with CAKE Payments as soon as you are able to ensure you can process credit card payments the day you begin using your system. You can get more information on that here. It is important to note that ACTION, on your part, is required to process credit cards. 


Your hardware will be shipped directly to you with detailed instructions on installation. Installation is relatively straightforward, but if you'd rather have it completed for you, we can direct you to one of our CAKE Certified 3rd-Party installers to setup a date and discuss the specifics of your installation. you are also free to contract the installation to a 3rd-party of your choosing. Totally up to you, but CAKE does not offer installation services in-house.


Getting familiar with your POS is vital to your success and we are here to help if you need it. Your purchase includes unlimited access to CAKE University ( so please come here and come often. You can view videos, read the documentation and search for what you need. You can also take part in one of our POS courses for Servers & Managers and view recorded webinars or even register for a live one. 

We also highly suggest you participate in a Complimentary Virtual Training session to help familiarize yourself with our system. In the follow-up emails, you will use the link provided to schedule your training session or you can click here to get started. Premium on-site training can also be purchased and you can view the details here. Please contact your Restaurant Specialist if that interests you. 


CAKE Market is your one-stop shop for 3rd-party add-ons. We've diligently scouted for and integrated with best-in-class partners to handle your back-of house needs. All onboarding, setup and app support is handled directly by these trusted 3rd-party partners. Visit for more details. 


Billing will commence automatically at the completion of your Virtual Training or a maximum of 7 days after you receive your hardware.


Our in-house Support staff is available by phone 24/7. Reach us a 855.696.CAKE if you have any questions regarding your account of you just want to say hello.

Thank you for choosing CAKE. We can't wait to help make your life easier.