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Background Editor

Learn how to use the background editor to create your floor map in Control Center.


Clicking on Show Background Editor will allow you to add background images such as lines, rectangles, text to indicate podiums, bars, walls, etc. To add a shape click the Shapes Icon. Select your shape type and click on the map where you want to position and drag to desired size. To add a line, click on the Line Icon and select either Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal line shape.

Next, click where you want to place it and drag to desired size. For text click the Text (T) Icon, click on the map where you want place it and then type out your text. For freeform drawing, click on the Pencil Icon and draw your shape on the map. To change the colors of any items, under the Controls at the left, you can select Fill to change the inside fill color and Stroke to change the outside bordering color.

All other control features will auto adjust as you draw your shapes. To edit an existing item, click on the Arrow Icon and then select the background item on the map you wish to edit.

To adjust the size of and item, click on the border boxes and drag them to desired size, to adjust colors use the Controls in the box to the right, and to Delete an item click on the Trash Icon.

Once you’ve completed your changes be sure to click the Disk Icon to Save and sync your map or it will be lost.


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