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Building Your Floor Map

Learn how to build your GM floor map in Control Center.

If you are a NEW Guest Manager customer as of (1/30/2017), you have access to the in application Floor Map Editor.  Existing GM customers prior to 1/30/2017 will continue to use the Control Center to manage your floor maps. Below, you will find those instructions. 


Before you get started, please note that you will need to use Safari or Google Chrome to edit your floor maps. Ensure the floor map is enabled at the top of the page. Select Floors >Add New Floor. Change the default name to a name you choose (i.e. Patio). Click Done.

If you have a large floor map, zoom out on the bottom of the control center zoom tool. Slide left to zoom out and right to zoom in. Select Tables. Enter the table number (name), select the average party size for the table, size of the table and drag/drop the table into position on the map.

The Batch Edit Tab is for fine-tuning adjustments like spacing your tables out evenly or aligning horizontally/vertically. Select a table or multiple tables by clicking on them individually. They will highlight yellow. You can then delete tables as needed and/or click to deselect any tables.

The party size is used to select multiple tables and changing the average party size for them. The clone feature allows you to clone groups or tables. Once done, you’ll need to click on tables to change their numbers.

Ensure you click Save regularly to save your work. Repeat the same steps to make multiple floor charts as needed.


Note: If you plan to use Conflict Mode, which prevents you from seating two people at a table at the same time, you must enable Average Table Turn Time on the Floor Map Tab in Control Center.






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