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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Manage Access Tab

Manage Access Tab

Manage Access Tab

Any users that have already been created and assigned to the account will shown at the top of the section.

To make changes to any already assigned Users, simply click on the colored “Name” link and be automatically redirected to the user editing page.

Email Reports- This drop down feature should only be adjusted for Manager and Read – Only Managers.

Reset Password- Will redirect the user to reset their password

Revoke- Removes the listed users’ access to this store.

NOTE: This does not delete this user from the Control Center entirely. It just removes their access to this restaurant.


See descriptions for user permission levels at right. 

Note: Each restaurant requires 1 manager account and 1 hostess account. The accounts created will be used by all Managers and all Hostesses at that location. In other words, you only need 1 hostess account and all hostesses will use it.

If you have a manager that you only want to be able to view CC settings, they can also create a Read Only Manager. This person will not be able to edit any settings.  

Create New User – This is used when the user is NOT in Control Center at all. i.e. They've never been created as a user before. If you have multiple restaurants and use GM at another one, they're likely already in here. 

Note: Be sure that each user is using a unique phone number/email address as no number/email can be associated to more than one user.

You'll create a generic username for them that's easy to remember.

Create a password that can be easily remembered as well. 

Select if the user needs reports from CC emailed to them. You can always edit this later in CC. 

Give the user the necessary permissions for the account. Hostess, Manager, Read Only Manager. Remember, hostesses can only access the GM App; not Control Center. 

If you created the manager account, you now need to create the hostess account for the restaurant (or vice versa if you started with a hostess account).

Associating Existing Users – This is used in enterprise scenarios when users need access to multiple store locations or when the user already exists in Control Center. Complete the necessary fields and click Authorize. This will locate the existing user in CC and then authorize them to access this restaurant.