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Online Widget

Learn about the online widget and how to enable it.


The Online Widget allows your guests to make add themselves as a Call Ahead and/or make Reservations directly from your website. 

To setup an online widget (as seen at right) first log in to your Guest Manager account via your iPad. 

NOTE: You do not need to activate both options to use the widget.



From the app got to the Account tab, then select General Info.


Under the Self-Service section, type in the email where you’d like us to send you instructions in the Add Waitlist to Your Site field.

Once you receive the instructions, follow the steps listed or forward to your webmaster to add the Widget to your restaurant website.


To activate Self Service Call Aheads go to the Call Ahead section under the Account Tab. Then turn the Self Service option On.

To activate Self Service Reservations go to the Reservations section under the Account Tab. Then turn the Self Service option On.



For Call Aheads:

Call Aheads are based one whether there are any live guests waiting on your Waitlist in the app. When there is no wait, your online widget for Call Aheads will look like the image at right.






When you do have a live wait, guests will click Get In Line and simply add in their name, party size and phone number to add them selves to the Waitlist. They will see a confirmation on the screen when their request is received.


























When your widget is live on your site your guests simply put in their party size, date and time and click Continue. Then, they enter their name and phone number along with any notes if applicable.

After clicking on Make Reservation, they will see a confirmation and will also receive a text message. If the reservation is for another day, they will receive a reminder text the day of the reservation. The guest now appears under that date on the reservations tab of the app.

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