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POS GM Integration

GM/POS Integrations information.


If you have both Guest Manager and CAKE POS, an integration can be enabled that automatically updates the table status on Guest Manager.

This replaces the need for a hostess to walk the floor and manually update table status, and can be used to provide more accurate wait times to the parties waiting in line.

NOTE: GM does not update the POS system. It actually works in the reverse. The guests must be sat in BOTH programs in order for them to communicate and both programs MUST use the same table naming and no special characters are allowed. For example, a table with the name F5, must have the same F5 name in both programs and you can’t have it with any spaces or dashes likes this; F 5 or F-5. If the names do no match then the programs will not communicate to each other.

The 3 table statuses that are pushed automatically are:

  • Food Ordered (F)
  • Printed Check (P)
  • Closed Check (C)

  • Custom table statuses can still be used alongside the automated POS table statuses. However, the custom status will be overwritten any time a manual status event occurs (food ordered, printed check, closed check).

This setting can be turned Off in the Control Center Under FloorMap > Enable POS Integration. This is a CAKE Admin function only. To enable this integration, please call CAKE Support. 

Guest Profiles with POS Data

The Guest Profiles in Guest Manager (with POS integration only) include data from the POS. This includes visit count, first visit date, average spend, total spend and top 4 items ordered from the POS. 

If you do not have the CAKE POS and/or haven't enabled the integration enabled, you will see "Enable CAKE POS Integration to View".

Remember to call CAKE Support to enable this integration. 

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