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Learn about Control Center reports.



When you first login to the Control Center, you’ll be on the Overview Tab. Here you’ll catch a glance at this week vs last week data and real time information for the current week. The 2nd tab is the Waitlist Tab. Here, you can see parties seated by hour, quoted vs actual time and trailing 6 months activity of covers sat.

Click the blue Real Time Button to see what is going on inside the restaurant right now. Scroll down to see who has been or who is currently on your list.

You can click on the Show Details Button to find out more info about any guests such as phone number, how many times they were notified or where they were sat in the restaurant.

You may also use the Calendar Button to check back on waitlist info regarding a specific date.









The Reservations Tab will allow you to compare the number of reservations made to cancelations and no shows.

The Members Tab shows you demographics: guest numbers pulled from those guests who have visited your restaurant who have a profile in the List app and have synced their Facebook accounts.

The Customer Feedback Chart will display customer feedback from guests who have The List app and have responded to the survey text.

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