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Learn about how to setup reservations in Control Center.




Follow the steps as outlined in Control Center: Booking Tab to setup your store to take online reservations. These steps are in short: Edit Store > Booking>



Reservations: Enable or Disable. If Enabled and accepting web reservations scroll down to Enable Web Reservations and Enable Pacing (both must be selected) and last go to Venue Hours > Show Holidays & Closures, select the day/s your closed and then Click Template.

Time: Shortcut to a certain hour, 01 for 1:00-1:45, 2 for 2:00-2:45 and so forth.

Note: This will show (a) after the time to denote am and (p) after the time to denote pm.

Open: This will not open a slot, but denotes that you are open to taking a reservation. Time slots roll forward is 15 min increments. If you are open 1pm -2pm you would only mark up to the :45 mark to show the full hour. Res Slot: This opens up a reservation slot for the given time.





Res Pacing: This opens up a reservation slot and allows you to set the parameters such as max covers or max tables.

Max Covers: Set the maximum number of covers booked for the time slot.

Max Tables: Set the maximum number of tables booked for the time slot.

Max Size: Set the maximum party cover size that you’re willing to take a reservation for.

Min Size: Set the minimum party cover size. Click Apply. Select the days to apply the rules and update.

To make changes to specific day/s click on the box for that day and make edits. Save.