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Server Sections

Learn how to setup server sections in Control Center.



Now that you have your floor map setup, you are ready to setup the server section charts. From the Control Center, select Edit Store>Floor Map.

Once within the Floor Map tab, you will see four collapsible tabs on the right side. Go to Section Charts>Add New Chart. Rename your chart. Click Done.


To add servers to your floor, select Add New Section. Name the server section. Note: The name can be changed later from within the app to a server’s name. Clone Chart will save you time if you have created a 4-server chart and you’d like to make a 5, 6, 7 & 8.



Just add another server and change the tables in each section. Assign tables to the section while the name of the section has a white background by simply clicking on the table/s.





To change the color of the section, simply click on the color and make your selection.



Note: The host/ess will be able to select any of the charts you have added in the Control Center and will be able to clear the names and put the daily server names and personalize the chart for every shift. 

Next Up Algorithm rotates based on the names included in each section chart.