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Waitlist Tab

Learn about the waitlist tab in Control Center.


The Confirmation Text: This is where you customize these texts for your purposes at any time. Text that guest receives to tell them they’ve been added to your waitlist and tells them they can download The List consumer application. From there, they can view your menu, check where they are on the waitlist and more.

Table Ready Text: This is where you customize these texts for your purposes at any time.  The text the guest receives when their table is ready. This can be customized based on your needs.

Custom Status Colors are for identifying table needs when people are placed on the waitlist. You can type indicators like HC for high chair or OUT for outdoor seating. Orange is reserved for VIP guests. If a guest has been to your restaurant more than once (based on the same phone number), they will be listed as a VIP. It is recommended you keep this indicator/label as is.


Up Next Algorithm: Determines suggested server rotation. We recommend leaving this on Tables.


Section Stats Toggle Default View: View that comes up first. You can change it based on your needs straight from the floor map in the app so there’s no need to change it here.

You can then click on Add Custom Message if you want to build in custom messages you can use to reply to your guests. Click on Add Custom Message and give your message a title.

For example, if a guest replies, “Can I add one more to my party?” you could send them a canned text as seen in the samples to the right. Save the message/s and then Click Save on the Waitlist Tab. Your messages will then be available for your hosts to choose from and send to guests as needed.



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