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Adding Parties to the Waitlist

Learn how to add parties to your waitlist.


On the app, Click in the Name field to type the name of your party.

Select the party size with the drop down to the right of the name. Type the phone number (including area code).

Note: Phone number is optional, but if the guest does not provide it, they cannot receive text message notifications about their table. You should also select a quote time, but that is also not required.




















Notes can be entered about the party such as “prefers booth,” which you will see under the party name once they are on the list. Click Add Party to add them to the waitlist. They will appear on the left. Nicole (right) has provided her phone number while Dave has not. Note the blue and white notification icon next to Nicole’s name, but not next to Dave’s. For Dave, you would need to use another method of notification to alert the party their table is ready.

To add a party to the call ahead list, follow the same procedure as above, but instead of clicking on Add Party, click on Call Ahead


You will see the party on your waitlist in a darker color signifying they have not checked in. You can also see all of your Call Aheads in the Call Ahead filter. Since the party is a call ahead, you must check them in when they arrive at the restaurant.  

To check them in, Click on the checkmark next to their name on the call ahead list. Then, Click OK to check them in. Their name will now light up on the waitlist in a green tone to show the difference between your waiting guests and your checked in Call Aheads.

Note: Call Aheads do not jump to the top of the list when checked in. They simply claim their place in line You will follow the same notification and seating procedures at this point. 


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