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Custom Statuses

Learn about custom statuses.


From the list, you can Click on the Party Size Icon next to the name. You’ll then choose the status for the party. These are customizable in the Control Center.

Note: You should keep the dark green status and the orange status, which is designated for VIP guests . You can have up to 7 customized labels. Create a HC for high chair or OUT for outside seating for example.


Once added in the Control Center, you can click on any status and change the color/label of the table as seen at right. From that same pop up, tap on the party number, and you can pre-assign a table to the party. Click in the white box next to table number.





Your floor map will appear (if enabled). Tap on the table and Click OK. The table number will now appear under the party number. If no floor map is enabled, just type in the number of the table and it will appear in the same location.


If a table is a VIP and you have the floor map enabled you will see VIP appear on the table, if a guest has downloaded the app the table will say club. (see image)

Click on the table to pull up the guest profile by clicking on the name.


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