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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Editing the Waitlist

Learn how to edit your waitlist.


Once you’ve added a party, the list will begin to show on the left side of the app.  

As your list grows, you may need to toggle on Compact Mode by going to Account>Compact Mode. This shrinks the information displayed to allow for more records to show on the list. Just toggle it off when you no longer need it. 


Hosts can even filter by party size by using the filters in the top left of the app under the green toolbar. Just click on 1-2 to see only 1-2 tops and click it again to have the full list return. You can do the same with the other filters. You can also filter by Call Aheads by selecting the Phone Icon or Reservations by selecting the Calendar Icon. Click either one again and the full list will reappear. By clicking on the Party Size to the left of the party name, you can further define the party by assigning it a custom status color. 

i.e. Outdoor seating may be OUT or High Chair could be HC. From this same pop-up, you can preassign a table by clicking in the white field. You’ll be taken to your Floor Map where you will highlight a table and Click OK. That table number will now appear under the party size as a reminder to a host/ess to seat the guest at that table.


Host/s can see that the waiting time has reached the guest quoted time when the number on the bottom right of the guest record turns red. To edit a guest record at any time, simply click on it. It will highlight in red and the information will appear at the right to edit as needed. Click Done when finished.

You can also edit the Customer Profile by clicking on the Customer Profile gray icon to the left of the blue Notification Icon. You can type in the white area and Save the information.  i.e. “Guest waiting at bar.”