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Email Offers

Exciting offers for guests, powerful marketing tools for the restaurant!


Exciting offers for guests, powerful marketing tools for the restaurant!

1. The Guest Experience

When email offers are enabled in the Guest Manager app, guests will see an offer on the mobile landing page when checking their place in line (using the unique link sent to them via text message when they're added to the waitlist).

Guests can tap on the offer and enter their email to receive this offer from the restaurant. Offers are configurable by the restaurant and can only be redeemed on the next visit for guests (+12 hrs from issue).

After redeeming, guests will not be shown the offer again on their mobile place in line page, until a different offer is configured by the restaurant.









2. Redeeming Offers

To redeem an offer, the guest must present their offer email to a staff member on their next visit to the restaurant.

While the staff member is present, the guest or staff member can tap on the "I'm in the restaurant now, Redeem Offer" button to generate the time stamp marking the offer as redeemed.

To prevent re-use of an offer, restaurant staff should only honor offers with a valid recent timestamp.

A fast way to check the validity of an offer is to look for the fireworks animation which will only show for the first 15 minutes after redemption.











3. Tracking Redemption

To track the status of pending and redeemed offers, restaurants can view guest sign-ups in the members tab of the control center at












4. Configuring Offers

To enable email offers, navigate to Account > general settings and look for the "self-service for guests" section.

Set the email offer to ON.

Configure an offer for guests to sign up for, to be redeemed on their next visit (not that the 'next visit' text is not editable).




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