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Floor Map Basics

Learn how to use the floor map within the app.


You can build/customize floor maps within the Control Center.

Note: If you are a NEW Guest Manager customer as of (1/30/2017), you have access to the in application Floor Map Editor.  Existing GM customers prior to 1/30/2017 will continue to use the Control Center to manage your floor maps. 

Once built, you can toggle between your floors (areas) such as bar, patio or dining room by clicking on the drop down menu (image 1) and selecting the floor you want to view. On the right, you’ll see 4 icons. 

You can quickly see how many people can fit at a table by clicking on the Table Size/Tag Icon (image 2). You can also block tables as seen in image 3. To unblock, simply click on the table and Click Unblock. The table will now be available.




Section Stats will reveal how many tables sections/servers have been sat. You can reset this at any time by clicking on Reset Counts. Under Admin (if manager) you can change between sections (i.e. for lunch you have 2 servers, but for dinner you have 4). These are all built in the Control Center and can be changed on the app itself. Once you’ve sat a party at a table, you can click on that table and see their profile (click their name) or clear the table by selecting Clear.

You can also move that table from one table to another (image 5) and/or merge two tables together (image 4) by selecting Merge and then clicking on the other table to merge with it and clicking OK.





To change the section (i.e. the party is in John’s section, but wants Ashley as their server) click on Section and then click on the name/section they’re moving into. You can also click on Change Status to indicate that a table is dirty or has received a check (etc.) These are customizable in the Control Center as well.


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