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Notifying a Party

Learn how to notify a party.


To notify a party that their table is ready, simply click on the blue Notification Icon. You can then Click OK and the Table Ready text message setup in the Control Center will be sent to the guest. This text is labeled Default on the drop down. However, the guests will not see the word Default anywhere in their text message. 

You will then see a red circle with the #1 above the Notification Icon indicating that you’ve sent the 1st notification.

The 1st notification is a text message. You can notify a guest every minute. The 2nd notification will be a text message and an automated phone call. After the 2nd notification, only text messages are sent. A red timer also appears in the bottom right hand corner of the guest record showing you how long it’s been since you sent the notification to the guest.

If a guest replies to the text, they’re response will appear under their name on the guest record. Hosts can click on the Notification Icon and choose from a Custom Response (setup in Control Center) to reply to the guest. Click OK once selected.

Note: The name/s of the text messages (seen/built in Control Center) will not appear anywhere in the actual text message a guest receives. 


When the guest returns to be seated, click the green Chair Icon. You’ll be taken to your Floor Map where you can click on the table and Click OK to seat the guest. They will be removed from the waitlist. If you have a Call Ahead or Reservation, they must first be checked into the restaurant.

Call Aheads will appear grayed out with a checkmark. Click the Checkmark on the guest record. Click OK.

They will be checked in. Note: This does not seat the Call Ahead. This merely checks them in. When ready to seat them, follow the same seating procedures as outlined above. If a guest does not return to the podium, click No Show. It will mark them as a no show and remove them from the list.


All parties are sent to the History section of the app, which can be accessed by clicking on the Clock Icon. Click the Back Arrow and then OK to move the guest back to the waitlist. This is often because they were moved in error or because they came back after they were marked as a no show.

The guest will not lose their place on the list when returned. If you are changing shifts between lunch and dinner, for example, you can clear the history of the list by clicking Account>Clear History. Click OK.

Note: History is not deleted. You can recover the history by restarting the app at any time. Guests can reply “Cancel” to the text to cancel their table. Their name will appear marked out with a red line to the left. Mark them as a no show to remove them from the list.


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