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Party Icons

Learn how to understand each of the party icons.


Next to the name of the party, you’ll see 4 icons. From left to right, the profile icon, the notification icon, the seating icon and the mark as no show icon. Each is illustrated and explained here.

Click on the profile icon to reveal the guest’s profile. This can only be seen if a phone number is provided by the guest. You can see their name, history, notes and information they input on The List, customer app if they’ve downloaded/used it.

There are two notification icons. If you do not get a phone number, you’ll see the loudspeaker and must notify the guest their table is ready in another fashion.

If you have the blue WiFi signal icon, you can click on it and then click OK to notify the party their table is ready. You can customize notifications in the Control Center. Pick the default or other response you’ve created and click OK.





If using the default Table Ready notification a red alert bubble will display on the icon now. Notify again and the number will change to 2 and the guest will get an automated call as well letting them know their table is ready. Click on the chair/seat icon to seat your party image at right).


If you have the floor map enabled, it will take you to the map so you can click on a table and then click OK to seat them there. If you have pre-assigned a table to the party, you can just click OK or re-assign them to another table. Once the guest is seated, they will be removed from the list.




If a guest does not show up for their table after being notified, click on no show and then click OK to remove them from the list. They can always be returned to the list later if necessary.