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Learn how to place reservations within the app.


In the App: To make a reservation within the app, click on the Calendar icon at the top center. You can make a reservation for that night by simply following the adding parties procedure and clicking Add Res and selecting the time of the Res (as seen at right).

You can also toggle through the days by clicking the arrows surrounding the day and date. Once you have the correct date, complete the steps for adding parties.

Select your Res time, enter notes if needed and Click Add Res. The party now appears on the list. You cake click the checkmark to check them in when they arrive and Select OK.

You can then notify them (if their table was not ready when they arrived) by selecting the Blue icon (right) or seat them with the Chair icon (far right). 

You can also block days from allowing reservations by following the same steps above, use things like Private Party or Holiday Closure for the name field, and then click Block Day to block o the entire day.

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