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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Waitlist Tab

The Waitlist Tab.

Waitlist Tab 

Confirmation Text- the text the customer receives when they're added to the waitlist. This is completely editable by the operator. We recommend they keep the name of their restaurant and the link to The List app in the text.

Table Ready Text- when the operator notifies the customer, this is the text the customer receives. This field is also editable at any time from the CC (control center).

Custom Status Colors- Use the colors to mark specific visual filters for seating guests. Operators can have up to 7 filters. i.e. Birthday (BD), Outdoor Seating (OUT), Incomplete Party (IP). We want them to leave the orange color as VIP. When a customer has been to the restaurant 3 or more times (tied to phone number used) they are marked automatically as a VIP by the app. That is indicated with this orange VIP status. 

Time Zone- This is the time zone of the restaurant and should be maintained by the operator.

Personalized Phone Country & Number- This is the number that is linked to the app's custom texts. As a default, this is left blank to include the operators in a large default pool of "sent from" phone numbers shared between all venues.

Note: Filling in claim new phone moves operators from that pool to one specific number used by that venue. If the venue seats a large number of guests (>100 per day) AND uses links in any of their text messages, they will likely get blocked by mobile carriers and when using one fixed number to send all of their messages. (not recommended)

Override Party Filters- Refers to the party filter parameters on the waitlist portion of the app. If this is changed from the default, the max parameters of each tab will adjust. The number of filters are defined by the maximum breakpoint of each filter for [2, 4] means that the first filter stops at 2 and the second filter stops at 4 guests.

Up Next Algorithm- This refers to the "Up Next" rotation on the Floor Map. Does the operator want to have the base rotation to be based off of the server with the lowest # of tables sat or server with the lowest # of covers. 

Note: Covers refers to the number of guests (individuals) sat as opposed to the table of 4 guests sat. 

Section Stats Toggle Default Value- On the Floor Map, do you want the Section Stats information box to display by Covers or Tables sat.

Enable 2 way SMS- Always keep enabled (this is what allows the operator to respond to the texts sent by guests and vice versa).

Note: This is a CAKE Admin only function. 
















Websockets & Multiterminal Mode- This should always be turned on as it allows for multi-iPad usage in locations. 

Live Debug Mode- Leave as disabled unless otherwise told by CAKE engineering.

International Phone- Default is set to disabled. This is meant for locations who often take different country phone numbers. Enabling the feature prevents formatting error message from showing when a guest phone number under 10 digits is entered into the app.

Quote Predictions- Based off of table history, the system will be able to give suggested quote time predictions. This is not recommended to be turned on until at least 30 days after launch because it required 500 parties sat to build the history. If an operator requests this feature, create a case with subject: Predictive Wait Request, assign the case to Ben Whan and he will work with dev team, the dev team does calculations to check for viability. If viable, they activate. If not, case will be reassigned to Support to communicate to the operator that they need to wait. Typical turnover for this is 1 week. 

Allow Host to Configure- This allows the host to add people to the waitlist and call aheads, reservations. 

Custom SMS Messages- You may set these up to go with your waitlist, pre-set some messages sent out when notifying a party, or responding to a customer's reply to the host stand. 

Remember, to Save any changes.