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MSR Replacement Case

Creating MSR replacement case.


Operator calls in saying their MSR is undetected or they're getting an error.


When creating an MSR case, you must grab a serial number. Poindus does not have a serial for the MSR so you will need to grab the serial from the POS itself. If it is a Datavan the serial should be on the back of the MSR reader.

Create your case in SFDC as usual with the Subject: MSR Issue. Include the serial in the case notes. Then, follow the steps below: 

Tier I

This information must be provided in SF before sending to Tier II.

1. When on the phone with the OP get as much information as possible.

                           a.Get time stamps and date of error

                           b.Get a photo of the error message

                           c. Determine if the light is on or off on the msr

                           d. Get serial and register number

                           e. Run lsusb script through the terminal and provide details and screenshots on case

If possible do Realtime Troubleshooting

Ask the operator to swipe a CC while you tail the payment log to identify the Error Code through the log:

Navigate to the logs folder : cd /home/leapset/cinco/logs/

Tail the payment.log: tail -f payment.log | grep "ErrorCode.code"

Attach the log to the SF case, you will be able to see ErrorCode.code if an error is thrown. 

Assign case to Tier II. If Tier II determines operator follow-up is necessary, they will assign it back to you to follow-up with op. If not, they will likely ship a replacement. Click here for info to send to Op on how to install. 

Tier II

Before sending to app support or creating a replacement case.,this must be provided in SFDC.

                           a.Insure that Tier I details are added to case

                           b.Run "grep" script:  grep -i "ErrorCode.code: 20100" /home/leapset/cinco/logs/payment.log

                            Sample output for "ErrorCode.code: 20100"                                                   

                             c.Run "Bad swipe"  script : grep -i "Bad swipe" -C2 /home/leapset/cinco/logs/payment.log

                               Sample output for "Bad Swipes"

                             d. Run "java -version" script: java -version. 

                              current version should be 1.8

                                e. Run "system version info " script : cat /home/leapset/system/

When everything is complete, attach ALL SCREENSHOTS from Tier 1 and Tier 2 and assign the case to App Support. 

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