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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Assign Cash Drawers



From the Main Menu, click on Register Actions. Click on the Assign Drawer tab. Then Click Assign.


Click on the user you wish to assign to the drawer and Click Save

You can also click the checkbox next to Lock out all other users and Click Save. This will lock other users out of the POS to avoid an employee logging in and not being able to make change for a cash transaction. 

If another user attempts to login to a POS that has been locked out to all other users, they will receive a message explaining that only assigned users or users with manager or owner permissions can login to that POS.


When the user assigned to the cash drawer goes to login, they will see the cash drawer icon next to their name. 

The cash drawer icon also appears on the order queue for that user and at the bottom of the guest check as indicated in the images at right.

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