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Worldpay to CAKE Payments Transition FAQ


Why did I receive this notification?

CAKE has launched its own payments product, known as CAKE Payments. We are contacting all CAKE customers who use Worldpay as their credit card processor and helping them transition to CAKE Payments. 

What is CAKE Payments?

CAKE Payments is the most transparent and easy to understand payments product on the market:

  • No complicated paperwork.
  • No monthly or other fixed payment fees. Only pay when you process payments.
  • Transparent pricing. No more deciphering complicated interchange reports. Each card swipe is 2.5% no matter the card brand (yes, even American Express). Keyed payments are just 3.5% + .15 cents.
  • Accept Online Orders from Day 1. Just a flat 5% per order. 
  • Free ACH Deposits. We never charge to deposit funds to your account - ever.
  • Smart Chargeback Assistance. Fighting chargebacks isn't fun, and dealing with snail mail is even worse. Cake makes managing chargebacks easier than ever.
  • Complimentary Accelerated Funding. Receive your funds as soon as the next business day.

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What is the processing effective rate with CAKE Payments?

2.5% for all swiped payments, 3.5% + .15 cents for all keyed payments.

When will payments be processed with CAKE Payments?

As soon as you finish setup (Go to:, payments in your next batch will be processed with CAKE Payments.

How do I receive my funds?

Unless changed, your funds will be settled to your existing bank account on file.

What credit cards can I accept?

All major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

What happens to my Worldpay contract?

If you are currently in an active Worldpay contract and receive an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or other fee associated with cancelation, please contact CAKE Support and attach your statement from Worldpay. We will credit your account or send you a check. 

What if I have multiple restaurant locations?

If you have multiple restaurant locations assigned to your CAKE user account you will see those accounts listed when you go to: and can activate CAKE Payments for each one of them from there.

What if I am using CAKE Payments for Online Order transactions and Worldpay for POS transactions?

When you click on the Activate CAKE Payments icon, or go to, a form will be loaded displaying your business, personal and bank information on CAKE Payments. Click Submit to activate CAKE Payments for POS transactions.

If you need any changes to the information you may change it by calling the CAKE support team.

Where do I see my payment reports?

When you login to see your POS reports, you will see another section called 'Payment Reports'. Here you can view all reports related to Payments. 

Will I get paper statements in the mail?

No, all reports and statements are available through the Restaurant Admin Portal.

How are chargebacks handled with CAKE Payments?

You're notified of any chargebacks via email and can be responded via a secure interface. We'll notify you when you receive one and what to do about it.

Will I be able to refund payments after I switch?

Yes, refunds for payments done before switching to CAKE Payments can be completed by calling CAKE Support. Simply send us an email to with the original transaction information and we'll take care of the rest!

What happens if I have payments still in offline mode when I switch?

All payments in offline mode will be securely settled to your CAKE Payments bank account you have on file the next time you go back into online mode and close your batch. 

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