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7shifts is a mobile, cloud-based employee scheduling and labor management platform built for restaurants. Save time scheduling, view actual sales data, and streamline workforce communication from anywhere by combining the power of CAKE and 7shifts.


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More About 7shifts

7shifts provides a powerful platform for restaurant owners and managers to schedule staff and manage requests on the go. You’ll spend 80% less time scheduling and save up to 3% on your monthly labor costs. Plus, integrated chat tools help streamline your workforce communication and make it easy to respond to time-off and shift-change requests.



Save 80% of your time creating schedules  

  • Create your staff schedule in minutes with an easy-to-use schedule builder

  • Publish your schedule and instantly send it to your staff

  • Manage staff across multiple locations

  • Staff requests and availability are instantly incorporated into your schedule

  • Use auto-scheduling and custom shift templates to build one-click schedules


Reduce your labor costs by up to 3%  

  • Forecast sales and labor to build more accurate schedules

  • Use advanced reporting to help you spot scheduling problems fast

  • Track your sales and labor in real time to compare variances and track profitability


Streamline staff communication  

  • Staff receive free iOS and Android apps to view their shifts, submit requests, and chat

  • Managers can approve shift trades and requests on the go

  • Send out all-staff announcements via email, text, and push notification

  • Make, share, and review shift notes with the integrated Manager Log Book


Level up your restaurant operations with CAKE & 7shifts

  • Real-time sales are plotted directly into your schedules

  • Accurately forecast labor costs vs projected sales to stay on budget

  • Track sales data in the 7shifts mobile apps to spot trends and opportunities



CAKE customers will receive 20% off any of the pricing packages below.

ENTREE: $43.99/month

THE WORKS: $76.99/month

Pricing is per location. See for more detail.


Why Choose 7shifts?

Easy, intuitive staff scheduling is here, and it’s made for restaurants like yours! 7shifts is employee scheduling software designed specifically for the modern restaurant. We help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication. Visit for more information.

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