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Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to further improve the loyalty you've built among regular customers.


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More About Gift Cards by eCard Systems

Today’s shoppers are always busy and want gifts on-the-go. When your customers give their friends and family gift cards from your restaurant, your customer base and your sales grow. That’s a gift that keeps on giving. Use your CAKE Point of Sale to process, redeem and track your gift card processing. Get started today, order your CAKE gift cards from eCard Systems and let the loyalty roll on in!

Detailed Pricing


Quickly Sell a Gift Card on your CAKE Point of Sale

• Simply open the Gift Cards module and swipe the card

• Choose a preset value or enter any custom number your customer chooses

• Sell Gift Cards just as you would any other item

Automatic setup for gift card payments

• Simply select Gift Card at checkout

Manage your Gift Cards on CAKE

• Display a card’s current balance

• Redeem the entire balance and give change, or leave the unspent balance on the card

• If the Gift Card’s value is not enough, the balance can be paid via other payment methods

• View Gift Card purchase history

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