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Accept PayPal Order Ahead directly on your CAKE POS.


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More About PayPal OrderAhead

Millions of shoppers use the PayPal app to find nearby businesses and facilitate electronic payments. Your CAKE Point of Sale can now connect to the PayPal app, so more customers can find your restaurant and place a mobile order. To get started: 

 Step 1 – Call CAKE to activate Online Ordering: 1.855.696.CAKE

• Step 2 – Create a PayPal business account: If you already have a PayPal Business account, move on to the next step.

• Step 3 – Login to CAKE Merchant Portal: In this final step, select PayPal on-boarding and sign in with your PayPal Business account to sync PayPal OrderAhead with your CAKE Point of Sale.


• New Customers, No Hassle: With PayPal’s ordering ahead feature, you won’t need to create a new menu or upload more information. CAKE simply adds your current online ordering menu to the PayPal app, giving you a new channel to help reach thousands of mobile users.

 Faster Sales: The ordering ahead feature on the PayPal app connects to your CAKE Point of Sale, so orders pop up right on the screen. Simply tap “approve” to process the order and your kitchen can get started.

• Easier Transactions For All: This gives customers a new level of convenience – they can order food ahead of time, pay easily through the PayPal app and pick up their meal when they’re ready. If you provide delivery, customers can select that option as well.

• Low, Easy to Understand Transaction Fee: of 2.7% when you accept a PayPal mobile payment.



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