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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

CAKE Secure Login


CAKE has initiated a Secure Login which replaces the need to remember a Username / Password / PIN for each restaurant. You can link multiple restaurant locations to the same email and password by following the setup process for each location, as long as you use the same email address for every location.

You can access the Restaurant Admin/Merchant portal here

Note: There is NO way to change the email associated with Secure Login. If you need to change the email address, you must create a new Username and follow the setup process again with the new information.

Go to Main Menu> Settings>Users to retrieve your POS Username. Your Password is the password that goes with that Username. If you’re using Quick Pin, use the actual Password and NOT the 4-digit Quick Pin. Your PIN can be verified by going to Main Menu>Settings>Device Manager on the POS. Click Sign In.


A pop-up will appear. Click OK.

Enter your email address on the next screen. It is vital to enter the correct email address. Please verify that it is correct before moving through the process.

When you Click Submit you will be taken to the “Email Sent” screen. You should check your inbox for the email confirmation. Go to that email and Click the Confirmation Link. The subject of the email is Welcome to CAKE Secure Login.

Note: Once you’ve setup Secure Login, you’ll login through Restaurant Admin the same way, but Click CAKE Secure Login and sign in there from the Sign In screen.


You’ll be directed to create an 8-digit password. Click Complete Registration. Click Access Your Account on the next screen.

You will be taken to the new Restaurant Admin page where you will login with your email address and newly created password. Click Login. 

Note: Click Add a Location from this screen to follow the same process and another restaurant location to that email and password. You can also Click Forgot Password at any time to have an email sent to that email address with a link to reset your password. 

You can now access the Merchant Portal and will use this information for each subsequent login.