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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Close Cash Settings



Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Close Cash allows you to change settings that relate to closing cash or batching, ending your day. 

When toggled on, Cash In Drawer Entry would force you to put in the amount currently in your registers/cash drawers when you close cash for the night/day. 

Cash You Should Have will show the user that closes cash how much money is in the drawer/s prior to them counting down. 

Auto Deduct Card Tips will deduct any earned card tips from the cash amount in the drawer.

The Close Cash Email allows you to enter an email address. When cash is closed, an email will go out to that address giving the recipient the close cash details. 

To add another email address (for an accountant or manager),  click + New Row. Enter the email address desired. 

Click Save Changes to save your changes.

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