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FAQ: Online Ordering Transition to CAKE Payments

This FAQ is meant only for CAKE POS merchants who had previously processed online orders through another online ordering provider and are transitioning to CAKE Payments. If you were not notified by CAKE regarding this switch to CAKE Payments, please disregard this article.

Why is the transition necessary?

In order to reduce billing complexity and payment related issues, we are consolidating online ordering providers and moving these affected merchants to CAKE Payments online ordering.

What are the benefits of CAKE Payments?

  • Fixed 5% per order - Save 50% on your online ordering fees by switching.
  • Direct Deposits - No more paper checks, get funds automatically deposited into your bank account.
  • Online Orders part of POS Reports - View your deposits from your existing POS Payment Reports.

What is the cutoff date?

February 1, 2017. If you need more time, please contact CAKE Support.

How do I sign up for CAKE Payments?

  1. Log in to your Restaurant Admin account
  2. click the “Payments Onboarding” icon
  3. Click through to enter your restaurant info.

Once you're done, you can start processing online order credit cards immediately with CAKE Payments and all deposits will go straight into your bank account.

How will I get funds for my orders once on CAKE Payments?

Any outstanding orders with your previous online ordering service will be sent to you via check. All new orders processed with CAKE Payments will be automatically deposited with direct deposit.

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