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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Offline Payments

To change any POS System Options, an owner must login to the POS and go to Main Menu>Settings>System Options>

Offline Payments. 

Offline Card Payments: When an owner toggles on this feature, if there is an internet outage in the restaurant, the POS will store credit card swipes as an encrypted token on the POS for up to 5 days in the even of Internet Outage or Credit Card Processor outage. 

In order for the offline feature to work, the POS needs to be up and running at the time of internet loss.  If a POS is turned on while there is no connectivity, offline payments will not work as the POS will not be able to connect to the internet to come up.

If you have been told by our Support team or your ISP that you are suffering from packet loss, then your system is technically still online and will continue to lag until the network issue is corrected.  Since the system is online, offline payments will not work. You should contact your ISP to attempt to resolve the packet loss.

Note: Manual entry will not work in Offline Mode and Owner assumes the Risk that Credit Cards swiped in Offline Mode may not be honored once Internet / Credit Card Processing restored as POS cannot authorize the cards on the initial swipe.

Force Offline Processing: This setting should be left off unless instructed to turn it on by CAKE Support. This would require the owner to remember to turn this function on when the internet begins functioning again. We do NOT recommend turning this setting on unless instructed to do so in order to ensure you are properly processing your credit cards. 

Activity History: This will track any changes made to Offline Payments so that you can track who made what changes in the system and when they made those changes.


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