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Online Ordering Settings



Click on Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Online Ordering (OLO)

In order to use CAKE POS OLO, we recommend you be live and using your system for at least 30 days. 

This gives you time to make sure your menu is what you need and time to make any needed changes to it before going live with OLO. 

When you are ready to go live with CAKE Online Ordering, please call or email CAKE Support at 855-696-CAKE (2253) or A member of our team will review your menu to ensure you are setup for success and your OLO will be turned on from our end. 

Toggle on Online Ordering and your menu will be available for customers to order from. 

Keep the Phone Call Alert toggled on. When an online order comes into the restaurant,not only will there be a notification on the screen, but there will be an automated phone call placed to your restaurant’s phone number. 

The Remind Me Alert Frequency, we recommend keeping at 2 minutes. The notifications for OLO appear in the top, left corner of the POS with a number next to the little to-go box. They will appear regardless of who is logged in and if the order is not accepted or declined, this alert will appear every 2 minutes reminding your staff that an order has been placed.

Remember to Save Changes.

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