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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Order Entry Settings



Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Order Entry will lead you here where you can define the settings related to orders on your POS. 

Order Type Selection, when toggled on, will create a pop up box each time a server/employee creates a new order that forces them to select dine in, delivery or take out.

When that is toggled off, you can define the Default Order Type in the next setting. If you are a sit down or full serve restaurant, it is likely you would choose dine in as your default order type. 

The Default to New Order will bring up a new order after payment is received from the previous order. 

Force Modifiers Screen, when toggled on, will make the modifiers appear and the server must select the applicable modifiers and/or click the screen away to return to the ticket.

Global Modifiers, when toggled on, gives servers access to the list of supplied Global Modifiers created in Menu Admin by an owner or manager. For example, bacon could be a global modifier and they could add, sub, no, extra or light bacon on any item if you turn on global modifiers.


Default Screen After Split will determine where the screen returns after you split a check within an order. For speed, it can return to the target order (the new check created after the split), the original order (the original ticket prior to the split) or the Order Queue for another order to be entered.

Default Promised For Time refers to deliveries and the default is 10 minutes from the time the order is entered. You can change this by selecting the time you’d like from the dropdown.

Custom Item Tax, when toggled on, will apply your tax to all custom or open food items. This can be changed when the item is entered on the order ticket by toggling it off there if needed based on your tax requirements.

The Default Zip Code for the delivery address will most likely be the restaurant’s zip code.

Make sure to always Save Changes when done.