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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Payroll Settings



Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Payroll will lead you here. 

Payroll Start of Week/Day allows you to tell the CAKE POS when your payroll week begins (day/time).

Paid Breaks, when toggled on, allows you to enter the amount of time an employee can have for a paid break over the course of their shift. When the employee goes to clock out for a break, this information will display reminding them they receive X minutes as paid.

Paid Meals, when toggled on, sets the meal time that your employees would get paid for. When they clock out for a meal, this information will display reminding them they receive X minutes as paid. If you do not offer paid meals, toggle this off.

Weekly Overtime, when toggled on, allows you to tell the system at what point (hours wise) during the week employees begin receiving overtime pay and what rate they receive.

Daily Overtime does the same for employees that are eligible for Daily Overtime. There are two Tiers for this setting since in some locations, employees receive one rate for + 8 hour shifts and another for + 12 hour shifts. Please review applicable overtime laws for your location.

The same is true for 7th Consecutive Day Overtime. If this applies to your location, toggle the setting on and complete the Tier 1 and Tier 2 information. 

The Overtime Carryover setting allows for Daily OT to be accrued toward their Weekly Overtime calculations when toggled on. 

Our Audit Trail allows the owner/manager to see the changes made to these settings, when they were made and who made them to allow you better tracking of this information.

Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking Save Changes.


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