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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Prevent Item Deletes

To make it so servers cannot delete items after they've been added to the order ticket, follow the steps below. 

For example, if a server added a soft drink to a ticket and then wanted to delete that item, you can either make that require Manager/Owner approval or allow them an amount of time (by the minute) to make that change assuming it is an error. After that time limit, it would require approval to delete that item.


Log in as Manager or Owner


Tap on Main Menu on the top right. 

Click on Settings.



Choose Menu Admin.


Now in Menu Admin choose Categories. 


Choose any of the Categories you wish you lock down. (one at a time)

For example, Drinks or Salads (the categories of major concern to Managers/Owners should be the areas of possible server theft because the items do not require being sent to the kitchen.)

You'll see the Delete Approval line. There you can make the desired changes. (Check the box to require approval from a Manager/Owner.)





If you would like the grace period, when you click on the dropdown box next to the Delete Approval checkbox (when checked). Select how many minutes the employee will have to delete the item before requiring Manager/Owner approval.







Sample: Delete Approval checked with NO grace period.


Sample: Delete Approval checked with 5 minute grace period to allow for Server error/mistake.














Click Save when done making your changes and then Click Publish to push the results to the POS.