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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Receipts Setting



Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Receipts will lead you here where you can define what prints on your receipts. 

The Print Receipts toggle on/off will set the default “Print Receipt(s)” button within the order to either be checked already or unchecked; requiring the employee to check the box in order to have a receipt print.

The Printing Menu Item Modifiers setting determines whether you want your modifiers to print on the receipt. You have the option to check neither or to check one or both of the unpaid/paid modifiers buttons; making them viewable on the customer receipt.

The Tip Line setting will allow the customer to write in a tip for server/employee when toggled on. 

Tip Suggestions, when toggled on, will print the desired percentages (below the setting) based on the customer’s total amount spent and suggest that they tip one of those percentages. 

Footer allows you to type what appears on the footer of the customer receipt. For example, “Thank you for joining us today. Please come again soon.”