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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Security Guidelines

We advise you and your employees to follow the following security guidelines to protect your business and your customers when using the POS:

1.  Use unique user accounts for all employees. Access the Users screen (Main Menu > Settings > Users) to create new accounts for employees.

2.  Use strong passwords. You can modify password strength settings from the Sign In system options screen to force your employees to use better passwords (Main Menu > Settings > System Options > Sign In). Change your personal password the Profile screen (Main Menu > Profile).

3.  Do not connect external devices. Never attach devices such as keyboards, screens, modems, routers and storage devices to the POS device through any port.

4.  Do not modify the network settings of your router. Your router comes preconfigured to ensure it is compliant with PA-DSS guidelines. Please do not modify the original settings.

5.  To protect your customers, never write down credit card information. When necessary, key the information directly into the POS. 

6.  Deactivate user accounts of employees who no longer require access. When user accounts are no longer needed (e.g. a user is no longer employed at your business), deactivate them as soon as possible from the Users screen (Main Menu > Settings > Users). We performed an assessment and certification compliance review with our independent assessment firm to ensure that our platform conforms to PA-DSS standards, the industry’s best practices for handling and managing payment related information. To learn more about our PA-DSS validation, request a copy of our PA-DSS implementation guide by emailing

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