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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Sending Settings



Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Sending will lead you here where you can define the Sending or “firing” behavior of your POS. 

The Sending setting when toggled on activates the send button in the POS. The Send Button Behavior determines if once the Send button is pressed, what screen the system returns too. You can remain in the order screen, exit the order and be taken to the Order Queue or Tables (determined by your settings) and/or have the employee send and be signed out entirely. If that last option is selected, you can also apply it to the CAKE OrderPad if you are using that product.

If Sending Items Overlay is toggled on, a dialog box appears where you have options like course breaks, holds, etc. If toggled off, you can still access this information by holding down the Send button on the order. 

Auto-Send After Payment is ideal for Quick Serve Restaurants and will auto “fire” the order to the kitchen after payment has been received. 

The Send Reminder, when toggled on will pop up if an employee attempts to exit an order without sending something they added to the ticket and asks if they meant to send the order to the kitchen.


Send Items Individually will create a separate prep ticket for each item when toggled on. 

The Custom Item Printer is where you can select which printer you’d like your custom items (or open food items) to be sent. 

You can also toggle on the Items Sent to Other Printers if you want all items to print on each prep ticket regardless of the printer they’re assigned to in order to keep your kitchen informed of each item ordered. 

The Prep Ticket Font Size we usually recommend is Large to ensure your kitchen can see items on the tickets easily. 

Make sure to always Save Changes when done.

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