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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Sign In Settings




Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Sign In allows you to adjust your settings related to users signing into the system.

Quick PIN Sign In, when toggled on, assigns a unique 4-digit number to each user. These numbers are auto-generated and NOT created by the users themselves. 

Note: When you toggle Quick PIN Sign In on and click Save Changes, you will see a box appear letting you know your own Quick Pin ID. When you logout, you will see a new sign on screen where you type these numbers in. Please remember this number and note that once Save Changes has been clicked, you must go into each User and click Reset Pin to assign them a pin for their next login. If that user has an email address tied to their user account, they will receive an email with this pin as well. 

Card Swipe Sign In: If you’d like your staff to use a card to sign in instead of a Quick Pin or Regular sign in, you can purchase CAKE Swipe Cards or your staff can use any credit card. To activate this feature, you must first turn it on here and Click Save Changes. Next, go to each User and activate the function for them. See our other document on Adding Card Swipe to Users for more details. 

Alphanumeric Passwords force your users to use both letters and numbers in their passwords (non-Quick Pin).

Minimum Password Length allows you to set the security on your passwords by requiring more characters between 4-7.