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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Tip Sharing



If you want your servers to use tip sharing amongst the rest of your staff or a division of your staff, you can turn on the tip sharing setting. 

This will print the proper amount based on the server’s sales that they should “tip out.” To do this, click Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Tip Sharing. Then, toggle the setting on.


From here, just click into the dialog box and type in the name of the group receiving the tip out. i.e. Bartenders or Bussers. Type the percentage you wish your servers to tip out to that group.

You can also use the X to delete a row if you do not need it or click on + New Row to add a row and define it as well.


Lastly, click Save Changes and your changes will be saved. The next time a server ends their day, this information will print out for them.

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