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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS


Learn how to add and delete your users in your POS.


Owners and Managers have the ability to add/delete and edit users. Click on Main Menu > Settings > Users.

To Add Users, Click on Add User. Give your employee a username (should be their first name whenever possible) and enter their email (optional, but recommended to receive notifications of password/quick pin changes).

Enter their first and last name, their employee type (Hourly, Salary) and their user permissions level (Employee, Manager, Owner). Enter their wage and OT wage and then give them a password and confirm it.

Click on Add User. The user will now appear on your user list. When they login for the first time, they will be prompted to change their password.


To Edit or Delete a user, Click on the user’s name. A box will appear. You can then edit any field and click Save Changes or Click Delete User.

You will need to confirm the deletion.

To reactivate a deleted user, Click on Deleted Users on the left toolbar. Click on the user’s name, then give them a new password and confirm it. Click on Reactivate User.

They will be prompted to change their password when they login next.


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