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Learn about how to setup Zones in System Options.


Go to Main Menu>Settings>System Options and Click Zones (you may need to scroll down on the screen.)

Zones are the areas of your restaurant. i.e. Bar, Patio, Dining Room. Some restaurants only create one Zone in the POS while others create multiple zones based on their needs.

Zones are required if you plan to use the Table Service option and not the Order Queue option. You must have at least 1 Zone created. If you plan to use the Order Queue to manage your orders, you don't need to worry about setting up Zones at this time. 

Note: Zones are not Server Sections. 


To Add a new Zone, click on + New Zone. Enter the name of your new zone. Set the Zone as active if you will begin using it right away and Click Save

The Zone now appears on the screen. You can use the up/down arrows to move the Zone up and down on the POS screen based on how you will use them. 

Click Save Changes when done making changes. 


To delete a zone, simply Click the name of the Zone and then Click Delete

That zone and any tables within it will disappear from your POS floor chart so ensure you no longer need the zone and/or that you move all its tables over to a different zone. 

Note: We recommend that instead of deleting a Zone, you simply make it inactive by following the same flow, Click Save

Always Click Save Changes before exiting the System Options. 


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