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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Accepting Payments



From the order screen, click Pay.


Choose your method of payment (payment options can be customized in Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Payment)

For our example, we’ve chosen cash. You can enter in the amount paid or use the quick tender buttons in orange. Click Submit.

Note: If you are using an external card processor (not processing credit cards through CAKE POS directly, you would choose 3rd Party as the payment type and choose External Card Processor as the specific type). You need to swipe the card on your external hardware, entering in the required information so that the POS reports match your credit card processor's reports.

Note: You can also Print the receipt, split payment (see splitting payments), perform a discount on order (see discounts). The red button on the bottom allows you to void the the entire order.


The screen will appear (if cash payment) with the amount of change to be given. If cash drawer is present, the drawer will automatically open to issue change. Click Close.


If you’ve elected to participate in e-Receipts, a box will appear to enter in either the customer’s phone number or email address

Click Send e-Receipt and the receipt will be sent.