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Adding Items to an Order



Once you’re on the order screen, you’ll see green categories at the top. If you have more categories than appear on screen at once, you can touch your finger and slide right or left to get to other available categories.

Below, in white, are the items. You can slide right and left with these as well it to the order. Click on the item to add it to the order.

If there are options/modifiers associated with the item, they will appear. Click on the options you want and click Save. The item will now appear on the guest check at left.


If your menu is large, you can search for items with two methods. Type the name of the item in the search bar and select the item from the ones that appear. 

You can also type the number of the item. Each item is given a number when built into the menu admin tool. Once familiar with the common numbers, you can search and add items to the order this way.


Custom items are also possible. Click on the blue icon next to the Edit Menu button. A calculator will appear. Enter the price of the item and click “add.”

The item appears on the guest check. It will be called Custom Item. Click on it. 

The Custom Item box appears. Here, you can change the quantity of the item, turn tax on or off and rename it as needed. You can still adjust the price from here as well, add modifiers, apply discounts, etc. Click Save. The item will be renamed.

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