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Adding Modifiers to an Item



To add Modifiers (sometimes called options) to an item, simply click the item on the order screen. A box will appear. 

To ensure that this box appears (forcing your staff to add the modifiers needed on an item), go to Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Order Entry and toggle on the Force Modifiers option. Click Save.


On the Modifiers screen, you will notice some Modifier Sets/Groups have an * next to the title (see right- Choice of Break-fast Sides). These are Required. The employee must select from the set and they must select the required number of options. i.e. if one breakfast side is required, but they can choose up to two, the server is required to select one, but is allowed to select two. If only one side is allowed, it would only permit them to select one option. 

Modifier Groups that are not required will still appear, but will not have a * next to them. Notice, the server can choose up to 5 of the non-required modifier in our example at right. 

Global Modifiers can be selected and added to the item below the Modifier Groups. 

Add Item Notes by typing into the box (see right) if needed. 

When done, Click Save.


Back on the Order Screen, you will see all the Modifiers appear on the guest check at left. If you need to make any changes, just select the Item on the ticket, click on the Modifiers button on the pop-up and make your changes. Click Save. 

Note: If you do not have Force Modifiers turned on, your staff will need to remember to click on the Item on the guest check to apply modifiers.

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