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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Adding and Adjusting Table Layout

Learn how to add and adjust tables on your POS table layout (floor chart).



Prior to adding or adjusting your table layout, you must Click Main Menu>Settings>System Options and enable both the Table Setting on the Table Service Tab and add at least 1 Zone under the Zones Tab.



Once you've done those two things, you can Click Main Menu>Tables

Note: Manager & Owners can edit the table layout. Employee users cannot. 

Click Edit Layout.


The screen will turn blue indicating that it is in Edit mode. 

From here, you can simply Click on an existing table and drag it to a new location if desired. 

Use the gray arrow in the bottom right of each table to resize the table. See far right image. 




Click on the table itself to make other changes such as the table number, the number of seats available at that table, the shape of the table and whether or not the table is active.

Note: Only active tables are available for Employees/Servers to use. You can also use Inactive Tables to build a non-table landmark into your restaurant such as a bar or podium. Make it the size and shape you desire and make it Inactive so a server cannot seat a guest there. Inactive tables will be indicated with stripes on the table layout.

You can also Delete the existing table by Clicking Delete. Make sure to Click Save to Save your changes. You'll be returned to the tables screen still in editing mode.




To add a new table, Click New Table, enter the relevant information and Click Add Table. Your table will now appear on your table layout. 

Click Done Editing when you are finished with your changes. Your changes have been saved.